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Allen Carr's EasyWay Method to Stop Smoking

The late Allen Carr's EasyWay Method has helped literally millions of smokers to quit smoking. Through his clinics around the world and multi-million selling book, Carr has possibly been the most influential individual in the smoking cessation arena. Smokers everywhere swear by his simple methods, and many readers have said that after putting his book down, they never picked up another cigarette.


by Amanda

Toronto, Ontario

I read Allen Carr's Easyway to Stop Smoking and boy was it ever easy (and I was SKEPTICAL to say the least). It borders criminal that this method wasn't recommended by my doctor but by a woman in the Punta Cana airport instead!!! Oh well, I'm free from smoking's prison and I can only try and pay it forward!

by Anonymous

United States

Cold Turkey - Horrific withdrawal symptoms are a myth. What you feel when you quit cold turkey is milder than the symptoms of a small cold. Read a book by Allen Carr to prepare yourself. Pick a quit date. Start to take vitamin supplements and DMAE. Then never smoke again. That's what I did. :-)

by Mariano


There is no OTHER WAY to QUIT!!!

Get it clear in your head! You have got the disease of nicotine addiction. The best time to cure it is now! Smoking is a trap. And because quitting is easy, we get back into the habit, and make it hard for ourselves. Make a DECISION that you will NEVER SMOKE AGAIN and stick to it NO MATTER WHAT. You'll see how truly easy it is to stop. In fact, I have enjoyed killing the nicotine monster. You'll end feeling sorry for smokers and the smoker you once were.

I recommend the book "THE EASY WAY TO QUIT SMOKING" by Allen Carr. It really did the job for me. I smoked for 15 years. I stopped more than a month ago. And I know I am not going back to the trap ever again. Good luck! I wish you free! And remember, YOU CAN DO IT!!! YES, YOU CAN.

by Lorraine

Rochester, Kent
United Kingdom

Allen Carr's book. Easy ways to stop smoking. Read it - it really works. It worked for me by adjusting my thinking - that simple.

by Kathia Wile

Austin, Texas

United States

I smoke for more than 30 year, and I quit 2 months ago with the Easy Way method by Allen Carr, the only tip I give everybody else just read the book it works!!

by Varo Guardiola

Topeka, Kansas

United States

Allen Carr's Easyway to quit. One of two options. Read his book or attend one of his siminars.

by Steve Moses

Ardsley, New York

United States

I read Allen Carr's "The Easy Way to Stop Smoking", smoked my last cigarette 10:00pm, 1-3-07!

by Sergey


Russian Federation

I'm 20 and I smoked for 8 years.

I've quited due to Allen Carr's Easy Way six month ago. I'm sure it's the greatest achievement in my live.

I also think, it is the only one effective way to quit, 'cause I've tried a lot of them.

by Tina Neal

Ft Worth, Texas

United States

READ: The Easy Way to Stop Smoking by Allen Carr. It really works!Knowledge is power!!!

by Kate


United Kingdom

I finally quit by going to an alan carr clinic for a session. they persuade you to quit by making clear that there are no benefits to smoking, only pitfalls to it. the 5 hour course also includes a 10 minute hypnotherapy session. i HIGHLY recommend it. it is expensive but it works so you will recoup the money! the cravings you experience after quitting are reduced to around the 3rd week of quitting sort of a level. (ive tried many times before and have now given up for 2 months...i think its worked this time!)


Cedar Rapids, Iowa

United States

The Easy Way To Quit Smoking. It is a book by Allen Carr. I struggled to quit for 3 years. I tried all kinds of products and nothing worked for me. Then one day someone tells me about this book. I figure hey it's only $12.00, that's a lot cheaper then other methods I've tried. He specifically says that you can even smoke while you read. So with an open mind I picked up the book, cigarette in hand and began reading. Next thing I know I was about 3/4 done with the book and my desire to smoke was completely gone. There are no withdrawal sympoms, no irritability and best of all no craving to smoke a cigarette. WOW! I feel like a winner. THank you Alen Carr

EJ Ward


Allen Carr's book, the "Only Way to Stop Smoking". This worked where all, and I do mean all, other methods failed me. I smoked heavily for 25 years and tried to quit about 15 times. I am now 9 months smoke free and loving it.



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