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Cold Turkey

Become a "Non-Smoker" Instantly If You Want to Quit Badly Enough, You Will
Remember the Four Ds 1 Year's Better than Nothing
Long Distance Smoking Push Hard and You Can Do It
Quit Smoking During Ramadan Stop the Nicotine Going Through Your Body
Remember the Suffering Lay them Down
"You just have to want to quit badly enough" Chewing on the Run
Cold Turkey and a Little Magic Smoked The Last One
Don't Let the Cigarette Control You Quit for Just One Day, Over and Over Again
Paint by Numbers Easier Said Than Done
I Quit. Plain and Simple. Just Stop. You Can Do It.
Tic-Tacs and Remembering Injury Smoking Again Would be a Disgrace and Failure
Refuse to Feed the Monster Inside Keep A Journal
Quit Smoking In Style I Was Done
Buy a Beamer I Think I'll Quit This Afternoon
It's Been 25 Years He Cheated
Power it Down Throw It All Away
Mental Preparation Change Your Routine
Exercise and Quitting Envision Yourself Winning
Is Stopping Worth It? POO on You Anti-Smokers!
You CAN Do It 5 Packs a Day to None
How Long Can You Go Without a Cigarette? Second Successful Time Quitting
Keep Cigarettes With You Stop For One Day
Triathlon Man Goes Cold Turkey "I would be cheating if I had one right now."
The Cigarette Is The Enemy Smoking More Pain Than Pleasure
First Grandchild Last One
Stop pandering to your addiction Don't Feel Sorry for Yourself
Read . . . Don't Smoke Cold Turkey Gives You Willpower
JUST STOP!! Educated Cold Turkey
Quitters Can't Quit Everyone's So Proud
Get a Stress Ball Take Vacation, Go Cold Turkey, Be Cranky
A Promise to a Daughter Quit for the Kids
Not One Good Reason Stop Coughing Your Brains Out
Don't Make Me Sick Four Hours Before Bedtime
Inspired by Compliments 30 Minute Intervals
Hate Those Cigarettes Children Need Their Daddy
Instantly Feel Better With Cold Turkey Easier Than I Thought!!
Cold Turkey and Exercise Stay at Home and Watch TV
After Smoking Excessively Replaced Cigarettes with Kit Kat Bars
Hard, But Best Decision You'll Make Tell Yourself You Were Never a Smoker
Feel and Look 10 Years Younger Hooked on Straws
Tested in Las Vegas I Just Up And Quit
Decide Enough is Enough Just Do It
American Cancer Society Remember The First Three Days Are The Worst
No Preparation . . . only Fish and Veggies Keep Your Commentment to Yourself to Quit
Never Take Another Puff Skip the First Cig of the Day . . . Every Day
Just Throw Them Down Hard-Earned Money
Make Up Your Mind and Never Smoke Again Quiet Sleep in Just Three Weeks
Get a New Car Needles in the Tip of My Fingers
What Works for Me May Not Work for Others Hospitalized
One Day Down Motivated by Horrible Smokers Cough
All is Well! Scared
One Day at a Time And Drinks Lots of Water
Don't Use Any Smoking Cessation Aids Quit With a Partner
"I Don't Want to Die"  

by Mrs. Fillman

Manassas, VA
United States

I used Wellbutrin for 1 week and then quit. After day 4, I went off the pills cold turkey. I had to come up with a plan. When you quit, there is more going on than stopping the act of picking up the cigarette. You are fighting an addiction in your brain asking for nicotine, you are trying to break the habbit of picking up the cigarette in order to feel better, and you are changing your behavior completely until you feel like you can disassociate things you used to do while smoking. ( drinking coffee, driving, etc.)

After the first 4 days, I felt the tension release in my brain. It was much easier after that point. I no longer felt that I had a chemical craving after that point, and was able to just address the habbit of picking up the cigarette. At this point I also felt safe enough to leave the house for the first time. I had been afraid to go anywhere for fear of driving by a convenience store and having a weak moment.

It has been a little over 3 months now, and I know that I will not go back to them. I do not want to be a smoker. I still get the urge to have one now and then, but I understand that my urge is really for the stress release, or relaxation rather than the cigarette, and I find another way to release the stress.
I really hope that someone can benefit from my experience. I smoked for 15 years, and hopefully quit in time. I don't want to leave my children. I don't want to be a slave to something so evil, and I needed to take responsibility for it. No one is going to stop you, you have to stop yourself. Good Luck!


by Janice R Haley

Lewiston, Maine
United States

 i set a stop smoking date..finished my last pack of cigs..and made up my mine that i would not smoke..i bought sugarfree gum and sugar free candies..and pop one in my mouth everytime i get the urge, instead of a cig..it is truly, mind over matter, for me..i quit jan 1 of this year..and take each day at a time."i will not smoke today"....


by Anonymous

Flint, Michigan
United States

Cold Turkey and Statistics

I had been wanting and trying to quit for over a year. My first try was the nicotine patch and I even tried a herbal patch neither did a thing. Well I came across a website that stated "Ciggerettes kill 400,000 americans each year more than AIDS, alcohol, car accidents, murderers, suicides, illegal drugs, and fires combined." That was an eye opener. Two jumbo jets crash everyday and not a single person walks away alive. That is the number of people who die each day from smoking. Did I want to be a statistic? Or did I want to be among one of the people who quit smoking every year? So I had 12 ciggerettes left in a pack and I flushed them all down the toliet. I went cold turkey, drinking cold bottled water helped a lot. And also so did menthol cough drops. That was the first day, after that my craving for a ciggerette was gone. I understand that everyone is different but this is how things went for me. I haven't smoked a ciggerette in 4 months.

by Allen


Im currently stationed in Okinawa Japan, USMC...lately ive been under a lot of stress which doesnt help with quitting..for the longest time I thought that if I quit smoking I would have to quit all the things that I associated with smoking, I.E. Coffee, food, sex, etc. Just recently I said to myself this really isnt worth it any more, my job is highly stressful, strenous and I notice while smoking that although I THINK it may help with the stress part it doesnt in any other way, so i kicked em, cold turkey, or rather am in the process of. My wife is there to support me 150%!

by Jessica

Clarksville, AR
United States

Tired of all the pain

I decided to quit cold turkey because I was so scared of the effects smoking was having on me. It was causing chest pains and I couldn't breath. So one morning I just woke up and said I'm not doing this anymore. I had smoked for about 7 years off and on. But now I think my little boy might be suffering from it. He has all kinds of upper respitory infections. So I am also doing it for my kids.


 Learn where the phrase "cold turkey" comes from and how you can improve your chances to quit smoking.

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