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Get Sick

It Was My Time to Stop Quit While You Are Sick
A Chance to Save Myself Smoke Like You Never Smoked Before
Open Heart Surgery Smoke Til You Get Nauseated
Minty Sensations Hospitalized for 8 Days
Tears in My Eyes Colonoscopy?!?!?!
Major Trauma Drowning in Cigarettes
Lose a Kidney Throat Thing
Get Sick and Make a List Can't Walk Ten Feet
Your Cheatin' Heart Sick for a Week and Quit
Pneumonia Can Make You Quit Incapacitated By Surgery
Bronchitis Leads to Quitting Less Nicotine Every Time

by "Sassy Cowgirl"

Buffalo, NY
United States

Blood Clot on Lung at 40 Yrs old.

I was hospitalized for one week with a blood clot on my lung, I decided to give up smoking after 27 years of smoking 3 - 4 packs a day.

I still considered myself to be at a young age of 40, and My health was important to my family and I.

I use Nicotine Gum and lots of Jolly Rancher Hard candies. I contact a very good friend who helps me at weak times. He is a non smoker and very supportive.

by Michele Straitiff

United States

Listen to you body and know your family's health history

A month ago, I watched my grandfather laying in a hospital bed, he had been suffering from lung cancer for 2 years. After about 8 months of what was thought as successful surgery he died of complications due to pneumonia, he had been smoke free for 20 years.

The day after his funeral I started to get sick. I had a cough for about a month. Normal in the winter for a smoker, 2 weeks later I was been ridden with pneumonia. It scared the crap out of me. I quit the night the doctor told me how sick I was. I had been developing plurisy for some time which is a painful irritation to the lung lining. My grandfather had been bed ridden with a similar bout of pneumonia and plurisy 30 years ago. He died at the age of 67. I felt as though I had been hit of the head with a brick.

As I am writing this I am still recovering from my illness. I know i will get better and cigarette will test me and I will forget how awful I felt...but I will never forget how quickly my grandfather was taken from me. I will be smoke free forever.

by Gary

United States

I got sick, after 3 days in bed I was 3 days smoke free.
Just don't start back up!

So, I suggest if you really want to quit, then smoke MORE, get sick and quit.

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