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by Mark Scott

Tumon, Guam
United States

Strength in Numbers

When i decided to make a serious effort at quitting, i got the people around me involved. The most important strategy was to notify my fellow smokers, RIGHT AWAY. As soon as i would run into a fellow smoker, i would explain my struggle: "I'm quitting smoking and i need your help. From now on, no matter what i say, or how convincingly desperate i sound, you are NEVER to give another cigarrette under ANY CIRCUMSTANCES!" From here out, quitting was much easier. Whereas before, when the impulse to light up would overpower me and i'd ask a friend for one, now there were NONE AVAILABLE. All i had to restrain from doing was buying them at the store (which is much easier to control than an impulsive light-up).

In addition to staying away from bars for a few weeks, this tactic made quitting smoking a lot easier. The hard part was the fourth day, with little nagging urges after that. But by then you've done it!

One important thing to know is that the urge to smoke will always be there on some level. It happens in flashes a couple times throughout the day. Just be patient and know that it will go away in a minute or two, and you'll be okay. So be happy, and take pride in yourself for having control. Smile, and realize that you are no longer a victim of cigarette mind-games... it makes you feel like a winner. Corny but true.

Now, it feels nice to yawn and not feel it hurt my lungs. I can smell the sweet summer night air again, after ten years it reminds me of younger days. I can taste my food better and i have more energy too. No more nasty, dry, harsh throat in the morning. More importantly, i feel happy because i don't have to be an outcast at family gatherings, smoking off to the side like an idiot. And most importantly: i'm no longer a slave to an urge. My life is in my hands, the way it should be.

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