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A Higher Power
Allen Carr's EasyWay Method
Aversion Therapy
Be Persistent
Change Smoking Locations
Chewing Gum
Cigarette Modification
Cold Turkey
Deep Breathing
Delay Your Next Cigarette
Distract Yourself
Drink Water
Educate Yourself
Fake Cigarette
Get Sick
Get Support
Gradual Smoking Reduction
Have a Baby
Herbal Cigarettes
Hospital Visitation
Keep a Journal
Keep Your Hands Busy
Laser Therapy
Last Pack
Learn an Instrument
Love Yourself
Make a List
Multiple Steps for Quitting Smoking
Nicoderm CQ
Nicotine Gum
Nicotine Inhaler
Nicotine Lozenge
Nicotine Patch
Nicotrol Nicotine Inhaler
Observe How Smoking Affects Others
Quit Smoking for Someone Else
Quit Smoking For Yourself
Quit With a Friend
Set a Quit Smoking Date
Smoke a Different Brand of Cigarettes
Smoking Kills
Stay Away From Other Smokers
Strange Recipe
Switch to Chewing Tobacco
Teeth Cleaning
Toothpicks, Sticks and Straws


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Multiple Steps for Quitting Smoking

Use All the Quitting Methods Divorce Your Smoking Friends
Eight Simple Steps Tips and Tricks
Inhaler, Gum, Lollipops . . . Is There Anything Else?!?!? Devine Intervention
Keep Busy, Eat Fruit, Keep it to Yourself Try them both TOGETHER!!
Well-planned Pick a Date and Change Your Brand
Brainwash Yourself Chill in Non-Smoking Environments
A 9-volt Battery to the Tongue Did He Get Off the Tic Tacs?
Distraction, Exercise, Water, Rewards Make Smoking Unappealing
Lifesign, Nicorette, Zyban Quit AND Lose Weight
Treat Every Day as a Challenge Zyban, E-Z Quit, Gum, Mints
Forgive Yourself The World's Rudest Smoker
Talk Positively to Yourself Develop a Total Disgust for Smoking
Pile it On Outline Reasons for Quitting
Use Every Available Resource Quit Buddy
Pick a Significant Date Quit by the Grace of God
Tranquilizers and Butterscotch Candy The Swiss Method for Quitting Smoking
Exercise, Cold Turkey, Money, Food Seek Help If You Can't Do It On Your Own
Money Motivation Great American Smokeout Day
Get Rid of All Smokes, Ashtrays Chloraseptic Numbed The Pain But Prolonged the Smoking
7 Day Plan 21 Steps
Do Whatever It Takes Change Your Routine Completely
Deep Breathing and More Say Goodbye to Your Cigarette Friend
Reduce, Change Behavior, On-going Support Treat Quitting Like Alcoholism
"Please help me quit Lord" Remembering These Key Points About Smoking
Do All These Things Walking, Candy and Journaling

by Ryan V.

Grand Rapids, Minnesota
United States

It's as simple as this. none of these methods by themselves are probably going to get you to quit. Cold turkey you still have cravings, and even then, if you aren't excercising, it's gonna take a hell of a lot longer for your body to get all of that crap out of you...the tar and nicotine...everything.

Not only that but, a lot of people are out there that just think smoking is fine, and you know, if you want to ruin yourself, then go ahead and keep puffing away but the cold hard facts are here...Smoking is bad for you. Everyone knows it is....if you don't, you're kidding yourself.

So take 5 of these methods and put them together. You don't have to just quit cold turkey, and you don't JUST have to excersize or eat right... I think the best way, really, is to do it all.

Get a loose excersize program going, so that you don't feel obligated to do it...that way if you miss a day, you don't feel like you're losing the battle by missing a day of work-out.

If you don't already eat healthy-START! sugar and fat aren't going to make matters any better. Even if you quit smoking, if you;re still eating junk-food, you're still hurting yourself, and you might as well have kept smoking, and thats NOT the point of all of this!

I have had a hard time quitting mostly because all of my buddies light up every time they're around me, and thats like waving a piece of cake in front of a fat boy with a sweet tooth....and I think for most people with an addiction, that's really what it is like.

Ask your buddies politely not to smoke around you if they wouldn't mind. Most of them would probably be okay with that for a while. That way you can't be like "Hey man, wanna bum me a smoke?"

So yeah, this is my little piece of advice, I suppose. I just got done with an 8 mile bike ride. Up north here, we have the fortune of having a paved bike trail to ride on with some really nice scenery. Not everyone has that available, but bringing a friend to the YMCA to ride a bike and BS for a while would probably do you just as well.


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