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Nicotine Patch

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Patch and Determination

by Rob

Toronto, Ontario

Though this may be my 4th attempt using the patch, I felt that this time was different. I just went on ahead and chose a random date and have been quit ever since.

Instead of following the Nicotine patch instructions, I have gone a little longer than required. It required a 10 week program, I just went along for 12 weeks. I will be done tomorrow with the patches, but have not had one single cigarette since (whereas the other attempt, after one week with the pach, would have a smoke).

Be patient, have faith in yourself and be determined to succeed. Though I had help, sometimes determination (not will power) can make the difference. If ya need help, a journal (or blog as I use) is helpful as well. In any case, STAY SMOKEFREE!!!

by Linnea Nottingham

Augusta, Maine
United States

I haven't smoked for 12-15 years. I quit with the patch for 6 weeks. Became allergic, but was enough to get me over the humb. I gained some weight, but have lose it. I am so GLAD I quit, no more coughing or out of breath and the money. Right now I'm leading a class for people who want to quit. Give it a try, you will really see a big difference in a few months.

by Suwanee

Sterling, Virginia
United States

The patches. I got the patches free of charge as part of health care incentive from my employer. There was no pressure. I had a counselor to talk to whenever I wanted. I got the patches in the mail in August. I did not put one on until mid-October. That's how long it took me to think about why I wanted to quit, etc. Once I made up my mind, I put on the patch, and never looked back. I still have cravings of course. I fight them every single day. It's going on two months now.

There are lots of triggers, some I've identified and some I come across as I progress. Triggers are situations that made you light up a smoke. I always smoked while I did my hair, polished my nails, read a book. These are triggers I have to fight every day. The question I often ask myself is "when will it end?" When will I stop craving? I do know one thing. I am never going to smoke again. And I mean never.




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